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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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Human Based Research

This short film is an example of 21st Century scientific innovation in medical research. Scientists at the Wyss Institute Harvard University have developed a range of human-based research technologies that predict the response of the human body to compounds. Predicting the human response is something that animal testing is incapable of doing (this is empirically proven by leading scientists) and this is why the search for cures to killer diseases and conditions using the animal model has failed and will continue to fail. Further research expansion on human based predictive methodologies is what is needed for the significantly advanement of human healthcare. For more on Human Based Research and what scientists say visit Speaking Of Human Based Research.

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Oppose B&K Universal was launched in Hull, East Yorkshire, 2011: following an application submitted by B&K Universal to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to expand their beagle and ferret breeding facility for use in laboratory experimentation.

Our vision benefits: human patients, animals, and the UK economy by leading the global biosciences market in effective medical research technologies.

What quickly became apparent was the amount of opposition to research using animals, not just from local residents and animal advocates, but from MPs, doctors and scientists with their vision being to end the scientifically-failed, unjustifiable, cruel, outdated experiments on animals and amend 70 year old outdated government laws.

Our relentless call for scientific debate hearings is in association with the parliamentary science campaign For Life On Earth who represent leading experts in this field.

Meanwhile, this short film is an example of UK animal experimenters who continue to use cruel Gothic Victorian research methods, now proven in the 21st Century to be invalid in human medical research. Animals such as Beagles bred at B&K Universal in East Yorkshire and Harlan laboratories (bought out by Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) now called Envigo based in Cambridge) go through experiments like this - filmed inside HLS (1997 - 2008)

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The UK's lobbying group for the animal experimentation community 'Understanding Animal Research' have agreed to participate in a first important, properly moderated   purely scientific debate.

Britain's leading human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC has endorsed the conditions for this debate.


Our Science Representatives -

We collaborate with the Parliamentary science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE) whose evidence is illustrated by the world's leading medical Board in its field - Europeans For Medical Advancement (EFMA) - who will represent the proposition in this forthcoming scientific debate.


Paul Flynn MP wrote to the Planning Inspectorate calling for a Public Inquiry.


Our Science Representatives

Planning Appeal News

16th July 2015

We have just been informed that the Previous Minister for Universites and Science, newly appointed Communitites Secretary Greg Clark ignored his own senior planning inspector's recommendation to refuse B&K's planning application, and allowed US-owned B&K Universal to breed thousands of beagle puppies and other animals to supply laboratories for alleged medical experiments.

BBC INTERVIEW  16th July 2015

This is a blistering radio interview delivered by the science campaign For Life On Earth, which represents Oppose B&K Universal - it's a relentless call for vivisection activists from the science community to agree to debate the leading medical Board which has proven animal experiments harm humans too.




July 26

A list celebrities support petition,  signatures now over 480,000


Aug 3

We're joining a giant Beagle for a gathering outside B&K, Aug 16th



The most popular questions asked about experiments on animals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 16

Alex Irvings speech at the Gathering of 300 people on Aug 16th 2015

Read more... (Video)

Aug 20

BBC Look North reports the call for medical science debate.


Aug 22

Spokesperson for the locals speaks out at the gathering

Read more... (Video)

Aug 22

The Holderness Gazette - We Call For a National Debate


16/17 August 2015 - BBC Look North reports the call for medical science debate. Read more

Aug 22

16th August 2015 - The day we gathered outside the gates of B&K Universal.

Read more... (Video)

Date Posted

Sep 26

Oppose B&K Universal respond to B&K's insults about music legend Morrissey


Oct 30

Pippa Jones interviews Dr Ray Greek for Talk Radio Europe


Dec 15

MP poll - 90 out of 95 MPs support the need for an evidence-based scientific debate hearing that will entirely invalidate the use of animals as surrogate humans in medical research.


Apr 16

Brand new letter for your MP - EDM 373 - keeping up the pressure in Parliament for Beagles and all animals.


May 09

Our PR representatives  Speaking of Human-Based Research pitched to Richard Branson only two days ago and are now in 4th position.

Please vote here.

Our statement regarding dismissed court case against B&K Universal.


June 10

Sep 10

March for the Beagles, news and pictures.


27th June 2017

2nd June


2nd February 2017

Dr Jane Goodall's releases filmed statement, calling for a rigorouse public scientific debate to judge and end animal experiments.

Watch here.

Dr Jane Goodall's filmed statement takes centre stage at the EU Commission's public hearing.

Read more here.

Kevin Hopkins MP tables new Parliamentary EDM 66, for a science hearing to end animal experiments. Please ask your MP to help at this link.

10th June 2018

Rescued ex-laboratory dog, Scarlett Beagle, joins forces with Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan to help them call for a rigorous public scientific debate - judged by independent experts from the relevant fields of science - to end experiments on dogs, and other animals. Read more at Scarlett Beagle's website.