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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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We're are thrilled to join forces with some of the nation's most loved and  respected public figures.

The UK Government has no political will to repeal the 1946 legislation (based on outdated scientific understanding of species differences). Leading medical experts and doctors demonstrate that using Beagles and other animals in medical research is delaying the discovery of cures for killer diseases and debilitating conditions, continuing to cause adverse drug reactions killing (20,000 UK) (197,000 EU) humans annually.

Other animal welfare organisations lobby for welfare reforms. However this ignores current scientific understanding, so our objective is not to support the National Centre for the 3R's (Reduce Refine and Replace) animal experiments, which keeps those with a financial interest happy. It makes no sense to Reduce and Refine something that is proven to not work in the first place. Abandoning failure is never dependent on what else is available: It's nonsense to aim at gradually replacing something over the next 30 years or so when it does not work now. Animal research is responsible for delaying the progress of modern science in the UK. Other countries are leaving the UK behind in moving medical research forward and taking the lead in human relevant research for, as an example, Biological Engineering.

For ethical reasons:

There is no argument here. Experimenting on a sentient non-human animals is cruel and morally unacceptable. This position is supported by 81% of people in the latest independent poll who find animal experiments in the 21st Century unacceptable.

Our Objective

1. For the government and public to hear current scientific evidence demonstrating the failure of animal experiments for human patients.

2. To achieve constructive, properly moderated public science debates between scientists who experiment on animals, and highly qualified scientists who oppose the misapplication of the results of such animal experiments to human patients, on the grounds that current science now demonstrates exactly how and why non-human animals are not able to predict human responses.

3. Repeal outdated 70 year old laws which first mandated the use of animal experiments in 1938, when scientific knowledge was still very much in its infancy. Read our summary

4. If units such as B&K Universal are allowed to expand, this will jeopardise the national economic potential for innovation and competitiveness in the bio-sciences global market - which at present is being left behind by China and the US who are revolutionising medical research.

We will achieve our objectives by

1. Peacefully and progressively raising mainstream public awareness of B&K Universal's Beagle breeding commercial activities and the planning issues surrounding the village of Grimston.

2. Working to raise awareness of all our objectives and of up-to-date science that is human relevent, exposing as invalid the still persistent animal model. We will do this by helping cross-party MPs who support our science-based colleagues For Life On Earth (FLOE),  collaborating with their Parliamentary Actions EDM 373 that focus on science illustrated by the world's leading medical board against experiments on animals.

3. Making sure the government is aware that it is currently being advised by scientists who have financially vested interests in maintaining the income generated by experiments on animals; experiments still sold to society today as able to 'save people's lives' despite up-to-date science proving, unequivocally, this not to be the case.

4. Understanding the vital need for a PR company who represent in the media the leading experts who are against using animals in medical research. We will do this by supporting their business, Speaking of Human-Based Research.


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We're thrilled to join forces with some of the nations's most loved and repected public figures.

Celebrity Support

For scientific reasons:

We are for modernisation of medical research methods applying 21st century evidence-based scientific understanding to abolish a 200 year old research method: experimenting on animals. There has never been a better time as now. Modern scientific experts have the indisputable up-to-date scientific knowledge which proves experiments on non-human animals are scientifically invalid for human patients.